Yemeni-US coalition condemns terrorist attack in Sinai
الأحد 8 ربيع الأول 1439ﻫ 26-11-2017م



Aljazeera press- Dearborn- The Yemeni-American Union Coordination Committee condemned the terrorist attack on a mosque in north Sinai in Egypt on Friday. The Yemeni-American Union Committee called on all organizations and entities of the Arab and Muslim American communities to express solidarity with the people and the Egyptian army facingterrorism and extremism

The Yemeni-American Union strongly condemns the cowardly terrorist act that targeted worshipers in a mosque in northern Sinai that killed more than 300 martyrs and about 130 wounded,   The Union reiterated its solidarity with all victims of terrorist acts in various countries of the world and condemned all acts of terrorism which are incompatible with human, religious and civilizational principles and values.