UN aid chief: Ensure Idlib cease-fire and prevent onslaught
الأثنين 20 صفر 1440ﻫ 29-10-2018م

aljazeera press

The Associated Press, United Nations

The UN humanitarian chief is urging the Security Council and key countries to ensure that the cease-fire in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib holds to prevent “a military onslaught” and overwhelming human suffering.

Mark Lowcock said Monday that the world has seen “a glimmer of hope in the weeks of relative quiet” since Russia and Turkey agreed on a truce in September that prevented a Syrian government offensive on the last rebel stronghold.

Lowcock says “the stakes are high” for millions of people in Idlib, stressing that a military offensive “would overwhelm all ability to respond” with humanitarian aid. Many also fear a refugee crisis.

Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari reaffirmed the Russia-Turkey agreement, saying “the Syrian government will continue to facilitate all attempts to cease the spilling of blood.”