How to Do It Standing Up: The Friars’ Club Guide to Being a Comic, a Cut-Up, a Card, a Character or a Clown
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Buy from Amazon No one knows more about being funny than The Friars Club, and now they reveal their personal tricks of the trade-and give away their favorite material–in this easy-to-use manual for aspiring comics, comedy writers or just plain show-offs.

The funniest men and women in showbiz discuss the art of being funny, and author Barry Dougherty puts it all together in the first and last Friars Club manual for anyone who wants to be a comedian–or just act like one. The book covers such important matters as What’s funny–and what’s not; the many forms of comedy: jokes, one-liners, anecdotes, stories, impressions, puns, ad-libs, wisecracks and more; choosing material and putting together a routine; developing a personal style; writing your own material–and 

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