Facebook could be forced to pay thousands in compensation to hacked users
الأربعاء 8 صفر 1440ﻫ 17-10-2018م


Agencies-  Following the Facebook hack attack last month, the social media giant may be forced to pay $7,800 in compensation to its users who were left exposed, according to British newspaper The Sun.

The social media gaffe, which gained hackers access to 50 million users’ photos, friend lists, and even private messages was described as a “disaster” by experts.

Legal experts explained how affected users in Europe can file a “civil claim” under the EU’s new GDPR data protection policy.

Hackers found a glitch in Facebook’s code, specifically through the “View As” button which allows users to view their profiles from a second party perspective, mentions The Sun.

The sums of compensation are unlikely to reach a million dollars per individual, and instead will be closer to thousands, according to UK lawyers.

The compensation will vary based on the court’s assessment of the user’s degree of suffering.