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How would you like to work for yourself in your own home?  Sounds good right?  The commute would be a breeze.

Starting a small business from home can mean minimum fuss and minimum start-up costs – so it’s no wonder that around 60% of new businesses are started from home. Whether you’re looking to go freelance, start a home-business full-time or a new venture on the side of your existing job, you need Starting a Home Business For Dummies. It includes tons of ideas for home businesses and gives you all the straight-talking advice you need to get up and running.

Inside you’ll find:

• Ideas for businesses that you can start easily from home
• Step-by-step guidance for getting your business off the ground
• The low-down on managing your money and taxes
• Tips for making technology and the web work for you

• Advice on how to attract and keep customers/clients





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